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Customer: GENSEN                   


Part size:124.57X46.67X38.77(mm)

Part material:PC+ABS MC1300

Cavity Number:1+1

Cycle time:45S

Design time:15workdays

Manufacture time: 40 workdays

Manufacture date:2018.01.06 


The surface of the product is the straight face,it exist the risk of sticking,it will damage the appearance,our designer propose to make at least 1 degree draft angle to fall off the cavity.

图 3_副本

The thickness is too thick in the position pointed out,it may cause shrinkage and instability dimension,our designer propose to reduce materials to solve out the problem.


The shown PL easy to cause sharp edges and crack in the red surface.It affect the mold life and cause burr which also cause difficulty for the mold modification.Our designer propose to revise the PL and enlarge the R angle.


The  ejector pin pointed out ,it will be risk of sticking on core and unbalance of ejection in the position remarked.Our designer propose to add ejector pin.


                             Our designer propose to increase material on the surface

 to revise the dimension tolerance


The direction of falling off the core for the 3 axle holes is in the straight surface,it will cause damage on the appearance.Our designer propose to decrease the material to make at lease 1 degree draft angle and revise the dimension tolerance.


In the left image,shown position exist thick materials,it may cause shrinkage and  instability dimension during the production,our designer propose to decrease the materials to revise the product.

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